Manage Technician Trainings and ACS
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AMS ACS (Airman Certification Standards)

AMS ACS ensures accurate recording and easy monitoring of applicant/student training progress throughout the entire training program. With AMS ACS, AMTS organizations can digitalize (i) creation of master training programs, (ii) assessment of students, (iii) visualization of student performance in real time, (iv) and issuance of reports. AMS ACS comes along with library of ACS codifications (Knowledge, Risks and Skills) with ATA conversion table to allow easy conversion of maintenance tasks into Skills. AMS ACS can be used by MRO organization for apprenticeship programs.

Task Recording (Mobile apps)

AMS ACS Task Recording enables aircraft technicians to record tasks completed. Type of activity and task, Type of ACS tracked, ATA code, license, date, duration to complete the task, job/task card number and pictures are recorded using pre-populated fields in less than a minute. The task is safely stored in the AMS ACS Database, technicians can easily check what task has been assessed by their supervisor as well as their training progress using the mobile interface.

Task Assessment Monitoring

AMS ACS Task Monitoring provides assessment real-time status of tasks completed by the technician during the course of Apprenticeship. The system tracks the overall technician performance during the entire course of the training against either ACS codes identified evaluation criteria using AMS ACS ATA conversion table.

Customised Reports

AMS ACS enables Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) to automatically issue FAA 147 specific records in compliance with ACS FAA requirement.

AMS Certification – Overall Benefits