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Practical Training - Task Recording

AMS Training Task Recording enables aircraft engineers to record their task during type rating practical sessions. Type of activity and task, ATA code, license, date, duration to complete the task and pictures are recorded using pre-populated fields in less than a minute. It is transmitted to the training instructor for review and assessment.
Practical Training - Assessment

Practical Training - Assessment

AMS Training Training Assessement enables instructors to assess the engineer during type rating practical sessions.

Practical Training - Task Monitoring

AMS Training Task Monitoring provides real-time status of tasks completed by the engineer. Instructor can review and assess all tasks completed by the engineer during the practical type training session. Reports and graphs are also available to help MTO assess engineer’s performance.

AMS Training - Reports & Certificate

AMS Training enables instructor to issue automatically assessment practical tasks reports and type rating certificate to engineer and/or MROs.

AMS Training– Overall Benefits

AMS Experience – Overall Benefits