Unique Technology Solutions to Track Experience and Competency of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Measure Engineer Experience I EASA & FAA Compliance I Improve Overall Safety I Reduce Cost

AMS Experience for MROs (EASA)

The AMS Experience solution ensures accurate recording and easy monitoring of aircraft engineer experience profiles. AMS Experience automatically manages aircraft engineer authorization renewal process across MRO, line and base station network resulting in significant operational & administrative cost reduction while complying with EASA requirements

AMS Certification

AMS ACS (Airman Certification Standards)

AMS ACS ensures accurate recording and easy monitoring of OJT/apprenticeship tracking in compliance with FAA 14 CFR § 65.77 training. With AMS ACS,  AMTS organisations can create a Master Training  to assist persons in obtaining and maintaining Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of an Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS)

AMS Training for MTOs

The AMS Training paperless solution enables accurate control & monitoring of aircraft engineer throughout the type training practical course. MTO instructors can assess tasks, issue reports & certificates resulting in time savings and operating cost reduction.“

AMS Community for Engineers

The AMS Community solution enables freelance aircraft engineers to maintain their experience up-to-date by recording their tasks in real-time. AMS Community also serves as the platform for recruiting companies and freelance aircraft engineers to connect and discuss job opportunities.

AMS Vision

The AMS Vision mobile application enables maintenance repair organisations using messaging apps (Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram and others) to report technical issues such oil leaks, cabin, wheel damages, engine related issues in a structured, centralised and secured platform.

The AMS Solutions:


Monitor and improve aircraft engineer productivity


Evaluate aircraft engineer actual experience​


Simplify authorization and license renewal


Analyze recurring problem across line station network


Comply with authority regulation​


Geolocalize aircraft engineers

We focus on people experience to serve the aircraft maintenance industry.