All-in-one Solution for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

As you track Experience, you can make sure that Engineers are trained on the right trainings

From $10/month/engineer. All aircrafts types included. Unlimited access.

AMS Experience Electronic Engineer Logbook

Authorization Renewal & Experience Monitoring

Reduce cost of monitoring overall engineers’ experience by replacing paper with electronic logbooks.

AMS E-Training for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Replace expensive online or in-person recurrent trainings by a simple and cost effective solution:

Recurrent training can be costly and challenging

For in-person trainings:

For traditional online trainings:

However Aircraft Maintenance Engineers all have a mobile phone

AMS E-Training offers a unique solution for recurrent trainings

How it works

Benefits of using AMS E-Training

Unlimited access to training modules for all aircraft types

Engaging quality videos, no boring slide presentations

Videos can be available in multiple languages

Real-time reporting and integration with Experience tracking

An innovative & simple pricing model: a flat price

Videos created with fewStones and StoryboardHero